Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Short and sweet

I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep lately, have been absolutely consumed with some other projects at the 'ole day job, and the pinched nerve or whatever it is in my left shoulder is surely going to take up the entire hour of my massage therapy this week, but it's all worth it because this Friday I am doing a walkthrough of the retail space I've been salivating over a mere 4 blocks from my abode. From there I'll be finally submitting my loan application and the real fun begins.

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  1. As a Seattle resident and an exuberant adherent of cheese and cheese related accoutrements I hardily welcome our cheesy overlords The Calf and Kid. One day soon I hope to overdose on a cheese platter consisting of various and sundry cheeses acquired from the Calf and Kid and go into some kind of cheese-induced-hypoxic-shock, from which I should hope to recover so that I may be a reoccurring customer. Huzzah for cheese!