Friday, December 4, 2009

Home, sweet home!

I've been neglecting this blog, I admit, out of nothing but pure fear. Yes, dear readers, I was, for a while, absolutely terrified of securing the amazing space I've been coveting at the new Melrose Project. I have been similarly scared when attempting to secure the other half dozen spaces I've blogged about - but isn't that half the fun?
Let's just say, The Calf & Kid is about to have a new home!

While papers are being printed and signatures awaiting fresh ink, this space is mine, and I cannot even begin to express how insanely happy I am to be a part of this new space.

Anyone who's been reading (and if you haven't, then slog through the last few posts), knows the awesome location of the shop, and I don't need to repeat my love of my new neighbors-to-be, Sitka and Spruce, Terra Plata, Sonic Boom, not to mention a local butcher, florist, and more.

I am beyond plussed at this moment, knowing I will share this coveted marketplace with so many amazing Seattle small business owners. For now I am off for one last weekend away before commencing the nose-to-the-grindstone that will be opening.
In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for Calf & Kid opening festivities!


  1. Hi Shari,
    Congrats on your (retail space) acquisition! I am sure you are going to do fantastic in that location, the neighboring tenants sound so amazing. Good things come to those who wait :)
    I wanted to apologize also for being a pill and not being able to take your call last month regarding Steve's Cheese and my cheese plans. I didn't realize it, but I had a wedding to attend that day.
    I hope we can touch base some other time, I would still really like to pick your brain on your experience with Steve and the whole process.
    Congrats again on the new location for c&K!

    Nelle Bruce

  2. Amazing! Congrats, Shari! Cannot wait to see this place. Viva la fromage!

  3. I don't know you or know what your shop will be like, but I have to say that "Calf & Kid" is as swell a name as a cheese shop could ever wish for--elegant and poetic and earthy. Nice choice!

    Best of luck.