Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ok C&K fans, this is it! The final month where everything happens all at once and my brain hopefully doesn't go kablooey.

In a nutshell, here's what's been happening in the past week and a half (not necessarily in this order):

Bids from contractors too high, realized that I can't afford a GC, freaked out, ate some leftover Brie de Nagis to calm down, contacted two fellow small business owners in the 'hood, got their referrals for sub-contractors, raced around to lasso them up, crisis averted.

Stressed out over whether I could swing the Oregon Cheese Festival this year, decided there is too much to do and it's cutting it too close, besides, Seattle Cheese Festival is right around the corner, followed by the much-anticipated American Cheese Society conference in August, there is plenty of cheese happenings in Seattle this summer. Made plans to skip town for one last weekend away with my soon-to-be-cheese-widowed husband instead. Giant sigh of relief.

Started shopping for equipment, both large and small, found that a used 3-compartment sink is not to be found in the city, started pricing new ones, balked, or rather barfed, at the thought of paying $900 for a SINK, finally found one online for $350. Several hot flashes and headaches later, got that puppy slated for delivery next week.

Up and at'em every day to scour local salvage yards for that perfect set of cabinets, having an incredibly difficult time deciding on anything at this point, going home to haggle prices of competing vendors' prices on deli cases (thank you New York for this skill), collapsing in a defeated heap my head swarming with ticket prices and shipping fees... it never seems to end.

Prepping for pre-opening party at Poco (save the date 3/21!), sifting through resumes from fellow cheese lovers in the area (oh thank you for relieving me of Craigslist!), resume sifting making me realize I never filed last quarter L&I (this is why I now pay someone to do it for me), rushrushrushredtape finally got my 2010 license sorted out and in the mail yesterday, which I ripped when opening and I hope taping it back together is ok, BREATHE!

Signed up for merchant services with a great local provider, scheduled my Food Safety thingamajig, met with my kickass friend Mike to talk design for the website, cards, aprons, signs, and a slew of other things over garlic soup (YUM!), re-contacted many local cheese makers to tell them I am finally opening (YAY!), then walked the dog and called it a day.

Met with my CPA, settled on filing status for 2010, set up Quickbooks with my accountant, found out I'm registered in some WA databases but not others (not good), commence problem shooting to figure out where the ball got dropped, re-filing some things, waiting for others to be investigated. Now drinking a much needed beer and polishing off a hunk of Osseau Iraty, aaah.

Tomorrow I still carve out time for my weekly therapy of mucking stalls and rubbing velvety noses with the residents of my favorite Horse Rescue, then it's off to meet he plumber, buy office equipment, gogogogogo.

This weekend, however, I'm slowing down for a proper taste-testing of local bread purveyors. I haven't met a proper baguette I haven't liked (I'm a bit of a whore for gluten), but this Friday we'll put them all to the test with friends and a good sampling of ooey gooey yumminess, I'm thinking Pont L'Eveque warmed in to a runny mess in the oven, ah heaven!

This cheesemongering life, it ain't so bad.


  1. as one who hopes to one day open my OWN cheese shop...just wanted to say i've been rooting for you from los angeles. and secretly hope that when my time comes, i could maybe pick your brain.

    congratulations! viva la fromage!

  2. Thank you Heather! I am always willing and able to make some time for fellow budding cheesemongers (or chessemongress's and I'd like to call us:)

    vive la fromage! queso por vida!