Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Stretch

T-minus two weeks until opening day and I am freaked the frack out! I always knew that no matter how much time I had to make this all happen, there would inevitably be a giant scramble to pull it all together right up to the end, but it is still surprisingly terrifying to be so close and to feel so far from finished.

After a few failed attempts at sealing all porous areas of the space, which is about 99% of it, on my own, I called in some favors from friends and tonight we'll be busting a major move with the noxious elements. Thank goodness for people who will work for cheese!

In the meantime, I'd like to give some much deserved love to my neighboring businesses who are open and just about to open. Marigold & Mint, a lovely little flower shop, is currently open for business. They offer a gorgeous selection of organic flowers and will soon be a CSA pick up location on the Hill. Also opening right about the same time as myself is Rain Shadow Meats, finally a butcher on the Hill! He will offer locally raised fresh meat as well as home-cured salami and other delectable items for us hungry carnivores.

That's about all my spring cold-addled brain can handle right now. More progress pics and news to come shortly.


  1. I would work for cheese. And I would even take cheese to Vino Verite and to Fremont Brewing for match ups.

  2. Hi Sheri, I just wanted to let you know how totally excited the capitol hill neighborhood is for your shop to open.

    Not 'OMG CHEEZE' excited, but 'I just peed a little I'm so excited' Excited. pretty excited. Plan for a very busy opening week!