Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vive la fromage!

Still pleasantly reeling a bit apres my most recent cheese and wine pairing with Poco Wine Room. What a blast! Despite the fact that we inadvertently scheduled this event the same day as the Superbowl (neither of us had any idea over a month ago when we chose the date), we had a wonderful turnout of fellow cheese and wine lovers who all helped make the evening an exceptional one.

I've often sung the praises of Peter's taste in wine, which is in my opinion, practically failsafe. I often tell people they can go into Poco, close their eyes, point at the wine list, and be very pleased with whatever they get. However he also seriously appreciates good cheese just as much as I do, so the two of us together are finding a harmonious stride that I see growing and prospering well into the future. I think we have just as much fun hosting these events as our gracious guests do attending them!

In the meantime, I've a few small bits to come in the very near future that I'm back-flippingly excited about. One is a mention in the spring issue of Culture Magazine. Although this quarterly publication has only just celebrated their first year, the folks at Culture are doing a fantabulous job of covering cheesey news within and outside the U.S. I feel very honored to have been approached by one of their contributing editors who recently relocated to Seattle, who is incidentally an all-around awesome gal who I see becoming a great cheese pal. The spring issue of Culture should drop in May, and it will be available in the shop. Although, if you really want to go for the gusto, get yourself a subscription and become a part of the Centerfold Club. For just a few dollars more than the regular subscription rate you will receive a hunk of each issue's featured cheese, mmmmmmm.

Progress on the space is slow but sure, and honestly not much to write about at this point. However, while I'm still lapping up the last weeks of precious free time here and there, I've been responding to emails from aspiring cheesemongers across the country. I must say that 2 years ago when my cheese baby was just taking form as nothing more than an idea rattling around in my head, I was surprised and amazed at how incredibly open and helpful other cheesemongers were as I contacted them to pick their brains about the whole process. I usually play by the rule of "hope for the best, expect the worst", yet as one after another professional in the biz helped me form a solid idea of the realistic expectations I could take into this venture, my inner cynic gracefully stepped aside.

I am always flattered beyond belief when I get an email from someone out there who has read the blog and found it inspiring and helpful. Little old me? Really?
Considering the enormous amount of support and guidance I've received, I find it completely fitting to pay it forward as much as I can to those who are where I was just a few years ago. To boot, it is also inspiring to me to know that there are so many fellow cheese lovers out there living in places where their lactic needs are simply not being met, I see it as great evidence of the "Cheese Renaissance" the U.S. is said to be going through. So far I've chatted with people from just about everywhere, from the Texas panhandle to the Jersey shore, and as my novice status helps them find their way, I feel even that much more connected to the big picture, or wedge as it may be, of cheese appreciation.

Queso por vida!