Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's!

I'm not quite sure how to begin this post other than saying WOW, again and again, WOW, thank you Seattle for making the first (partial) year of The Calf & Kid such a smashing success!

It's a little incomprehensible to think that one year ago at this time I was signing my lease and hyperventilating on a daily basis at the excitement and the intense stress of all that had to be accomplished for me to open. Next thing I knew, it was three months later and the cheese-loving population of Seattle was keeping me busier than I'd ever hoped or imagined. So I wax a little poetic; the experience I've had so far is entirely worthy of it.

The holiday season is expected to be a time when one in retail, specifically food retail, makes more money they than do any other time of year. This being my first holiday season, I wasn't sure to expect. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were very slow, and I was a bit worried about how that food-centric holiday would pan out for my shop, but lo and behold, even in the midst of a snowstorm, Seattlites made their way to our counter in droves for delicious cheeses to share with their friends and family. That week was a blast.
Approaching Xmas (and by that I mean anything anyone celebrates during this time), I spent weeks stocking up and up and up, to the point where I had to face my wonderful staff and say "Well shit, if we don't plow through this inventory by the end of the month then we're screwed!"
And again, so many wonderful customers made the end of December the most amazing days ever. I simply could not be happier about this year, and am looking forward to 2011 just as happy as a kid in a bunny suit.

Stay tuned for some amazing events to keep you going through the cold winter months: Sunday afternoon cheese classes, more amazing cheese and wine pairing events with the illustrious Peter Moore of Poco Wine Room, and field trips to meet the cheesemakers and their herds!

Stay cheesey Seattle <3

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