Monday, October 3, 2011

American Cheese Month!

Yep, you read it right, October is the first annual American Cheese Month. Thanks to the powers that be of The American Cheese Society and Beecher's Cheese, American cheese is the highlight of Fall!

We are participating in a program spearheaded by Beecher's own Kurt Dammeier. For the month of October, you can purchase a Passport for $10 (proceeds go to the American Cheese Education Fund), and every day indulge in one selected American cheese for 40% off the retail price. How cool is that? Even better, get a passport at our shop or at Beechers, and partake of daily featured cheeses in both places each day.

You can find out our daily selection via our Facebook page or Twitter.

31 days, 31 cheeses.

Work it!


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  2. Thank you so much for participating in this! I'm so excited for people to get a chance to try cheeses they might never have tried otherwise.

  3. Thank YOU Kurt, for being the ring leader in this awesome promotion for domestic cheese!

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