Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twiddling thumbs

I've found myself with less and less time to blog or tweet about happenings with the shop lately. This is a good thing, it means I'm so busy running around making things happen that I can almost taste the sweet, cheesy aroma of The Calf & Kid.

I'm extremely happy to report that the first tasting event at Poco Wine Room was a smashing success. Peter Moore, proprietor and overall awesome dude was batting his A game out of ball park along with myself, a fabulous selection of cheese, wine, and amazing foodies. I was literally flushed throughout the event; I'm still amazed that we managed to sell out and then some, to a crowd of enraptured cheese and wine lovers who are hungry for more! Peter and I had so much fun, it could hardly be called work, and we are already gearing up for the next tasting event in late October, "La Campagne", a celebration of French wine and cheese. Vive la fromage!

In the meantime, I'm playing the waiting game on the legal/paperwork front, and I've been shopping around town for equipment and supplies - not buying yet, just pricing. I'm very happy to report that it looks like I'll be able to furnish the entire shop with used materials. Thank you Seattle, for being so green-friendly! There are multiple salvage warehouses with oodles of doors, counters and tops, shelving, etc., and not only does it make a difference in the amount of new items not being produced for my sake, but it's cheap, so incredibly cheap! I'm also very lucky to have a good friend who's one of those amazing gals who can look at some dilapidated piece of junk and see the potential in it to look fabulous with a little refinishing and a fresh coat of paint. Oh, and I can even buy green surplus paint for a fraction of the cost!

Back to geeking out on surplus websites all evening....

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