Monday, May 18, 2009


Crap! I thought I'd posted this last week, but a lot of sun in Seattle has a way of working its crazy dreamlike magic on the brain, what can I say?

I'm just now coming down from a full 48 hour cheesegasm, thanks to The Seattle Cheese Festival.

This was my 4th year cruising the Pike Place concourse for nibbles of curd, however this time I took advantage of the inevitable waiting to slip Calf & Kid cards into the hands of everyone I could. I also left little piles of them on several tables, so hopefully you either got one or saw them around somewhere. Strangely enough, I got the stink-eye from an old cheesemonger at the very first booth I approached. I was about 3 layers of people back from the booth, and tried as unobtrusively as possible to slip people a card saying "new cheese shop coming to Seattle". I think I handed out 3 or 4 when I looked up and she was glaring at me like I'd taken a slice of her cheese, wiped my ass with it, and handed it back to her. It was kind of funny, and I moved on with fantastic girlfriend in tow, and I cannot even begin to count how many warm responses I received from fellow cheese lovers. My favorite remark was from a woman several years my senior who gingerly plucked the card from my hand, sneered at it over her low-riding glasses, and said "Well it's about time!" Then she gave me a very warm smile, complemented the logo and that was that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent tasting sooo many cheeses that invoked physical reactions - most of them already known and a good smattering of new rinds on my pallet. With friend and fellow cheese lover in tow, I hit some of the seminars hosted by cheese hotties Tami Parr of PNWCP and Daphne Zeops, cheese guru. How I love to see other women marking their terrior in the cheese biz! All in all it was awesome, how could be otherwise? I am still reeling a tad from so much fromage in this glorious city, and cannot wait for more, more, more!


  1. Yummy! Wish I could have joined you!
    We'll have to check out Steve's Cheese
    (and probably a few more!) when you come to Portland next week!--Risa

  2. Oh the seminar I'm doing is with Steve :) - S.