Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chevre avec Ritalin?

Just a quick post to let you all know that I'm not dead, just un-hibernating, or whatever you might call thawing out from the winter slowly and enjoying the tad bit of sunshine and fun we all covet this year.

There is certainly nothing like starting your own business to induce the most extreme ADD symptoms. Every day holds the potential to send me soaring or pull me crashing back down to reality, sometimes both. A few weeks ago I was over the moon about a space right down the street, perfect location, just the right size and price, and then in one fell swoop the air was let out of that potential bubble by owners and their crazy ideas of when and how to renovate space. Every day brings another tidbit of news that either elates or crushes me, and every day I'm learning to flow with it a little more.

Mostly I'm twiddling my thumbs, figuratively and literally, waiting for a good space to come along. I am very seriously heeding the advice not to jump on anything too soon just for the sake of having it; my inner Goldilocks can wait for the spot that's just right.

In the meantime, I'm feeling very fancypants-ed at winning a Twitter contest today for tickets to the Seattle stop on The Celebrity Chef Tour benefiting the James Beard foundation, and in this case, my belly.

I'm also getting very bouncy about the upcoming Seattle Cheese Festival this weekend. I'm making hundreds of little Calf & Kid fliers to hand out, attending a couple of seminars, and meeting a handful of fellow Seattleites who I've only known online just yet. So far this week is shaping up famously.

Vive la fromage!


  1. How is the cheese shop coming along?

  2. Slowly but surely! Sadly, more slowly right now, still looking for my perfect little space...